First Aid In Attendance

Live demo

Our FAITT plug-in has three practical uses:

  • Alarm system

In business centres, the last person to leave the premises is supposed to switch on the alarm. The question is: how does this person know that he or she is the last one? With one look at the FAITT screen, you will be able to see whether there any other persons in the building or in the department.

  • Evacuation

During an evacuation of the building, the health and safety officer needs to make sure that everyone leaves the building safely. This is a human check, but one look at the FAITT screen provides additional certainty.

  • Duties of the reception desk

“I will put you through,” the friendly receptionist says. Soon after, the person you wanted to speak appears to be absent after all. With the help of the FAITT plug-in, you can check whether the person in question is in. This is not only for the benefit of the receptionist. Every employee is able to see whether a colleague is on the premises or not.

The exact working of the FAITT is as follows. An individual enters the building through the Salto access control system. The plug-in tracks the presence, which will be immediately visible on a screen. The same will occur when leaving the building.


  • Interfaces with Salto

The FAITT plug-in has been developed to interface with any Salto access control system.

  • Customized in pack size

A pack of 50 users is already available for € 50,-- exclusive of VAT per month. Custom-made software will be priced accordingly.

  • Web-based

The FAITT plug-in will be visible on your company’s intranet.

  • From department to office (optional)

You will be able to see in which office or in which department an individual is staying.

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